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Bluetooth Control


** ATTENTION READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING **This application does not operate directly on the radio. It makes use of a receiving interface (receiver module) for interaction with the stereo.New update application control Bluetooth version 25.10.2. Now has 5 auxiliary output for triggering external devices such as: alarm activation, opening the trunk (when owning electronic opening system), lifting glasses (when electric), and many other uses are possible. Customize the application of their way 7 colors available to apply on the display, edit the name of the drive keys with the name you prefer.It has a battery charge analyzer, voltmeter, with this function can observe the level of vehicle battery voltage, and its consumption.New look, new features and more.
With it you connect to the * Bluetooth receiver module (sold via e-mail), and operates its sound in the distance.Will soon be available for other mark, currently only serves the Pioneer and B-Buster.
Doubts about purchasing the Bluetooth receiver module, contact:
* The receiver module can be purchased via the contact email above. Without the application receiver module will not function.